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6 kinds of ingredients that can't be directly thrown into the blender, knowledge point get~

6 kinds of ingredients that can't be directly thrown into the blender, knowledge point get~

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Speaking of the kitchen artifact, in addition to the oven, you have to mention the broken machine / mixer.
In the past, Amway had been many times, and many of the drink recipes and soup recipes shared were also available.
You may have done a lot, but you should be careful about their "soft ribs", be careful not to pour these six types of ingredients directly into it!
01- Special hot liquid -
Everyone often uses a blender to make a thick soup. If the liquid just boils, don't rush into the blender!
If you pour it into the machine, the air pressure in the mixer will rise. It is possible that the lid will be opened and the soup will splash. It is very dangerous!
Therefore, using a blender to make a thick soup, the liquid that has just been boiled must be cooled for at least five minutes before it can be poured into the blender.
Also, be careful not to pour more than half the capacity of the mixer. When the mixer is in operation, it is better to use a piece of cloth or kitchen paper to hold the lid.
02- Mashed Potato -
Making a mashed potato with a blender sounds simple, but it tends to fail.
The blade speed of the blender is too fast, and the potato will soon be stirred into a large mass of starch instead of the smooth taste you want.
If you want to make a smooth mashed potato, it is recommended to use this kind of slow pressure.
03- Dried Fruit / Dried Tomatoes -
If your blender has a large horsepower, such as vitamix or the wall breaker I recommended before, this ingredient is no problem to handle.
If your blender is a semi-automatic and semi-manual (and you may have to shake it with your hands after you open it), the two ingredients will stick to the blade and the blade will fail.
In fact, the solution is very simple, first soften them with warm water, then pour into the mixer, KO!
04- Coffee Beans -
Technically feasible, but the uneven particle size of the powder may affect the flavor of the coffee. And coffee beans are also easy to fall into the machine from the blade, not worth the candle.
05- Specially cold things -
If your blender/breaker has a high horsepower, this kind of ingredients can be handled without problems.
However, if it is a general mixer, ice cubes and frozen fruits are not so easy to break, and the pressure inside the mixer is lowered, making it difficult to open the lid.
The solution, the same reason, the fruit taken out of the refrigerator, put it for 5 minutes, then throw it in and stir it; the ice cubes are small and just a little bit~
06- Pay attention to the container in the mixer -
Every time you start the mixer, make sure there are no spoons or other stuffing in the machine! ! !
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