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How to clean Amway mixer? Small coup

How to clean Amway mixer? Small coup

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When the mixer is used up, it will always leave a lot of debris residue inside. The flushing sometimes can't clean the gap inside. How is this good? Don't worry, Xiaobian has a way here!
First, he will leave the egg shells of the eggs, which will be an important tool for cleaning.
Next, place the egg shell inside the blender.
Then, pour the water and start stirring. You can see that the egg shell is stirred into fine crumbs, and at the same time, numerous small pieces of debris are washed out in various places.
Finally, pour off the water filled with eggshell crumbs, the mixer becomes clean and fresh, and the cleaning can be as simple as that. I didn't expect the egg shell to have such a magical effect. It seems that after using eggs to cook, I need to keep the egg shell so that it can be used from time to time.