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Adhere to the "integrity management, quality first, excellence, customer satisfaction" as the quality policy, to provide quality services to our customers!

Joining Process


Join Advantage


Brand support - Dole franchise dealership, you can operate all products such as Dole Soymilk, cooking machine, juicer, etc.;
Opening guarantee--providing Dole-related licenses and related documents for all levels of partners across the country to ensure the formality and integrity of the dealerships;
Quality Assurance - Dole product spare parts independent research and development production, the company's perfect production equipment and R & D team to ensure the quality of the product, such as product quality problems, 100% unconditional return;
Source of supply guarantee - guarantee timely delivery and ensure the normal operation of partners at all levels;
Price guarantee—stationary supply, avoiding the increase of the price of the intermediate operators and ensuring the profit of the partners;
Business Security - Strictly implement the regional protection system, resolutely put an end to malicious and disorderly competition, and ensure the great interests of Dole dealers.

Adhere to the "integrity management, quality first, excellence, customer satisfaction" as the quality policy, to provide quality services to our customers!

"People-oriented" "Career talent" is Lungte's consistent talent concept.

With a new spirit, we are striving for innovation and continuous improvement.

Join Conditions

       With a modern factory area of ​​30,000 square meters, more than 20 design, development, engineering and technical personnel, more than 30 quality control professionals, more than 400 production staff; independent research and development, production of motors is a major advantage of Longte, the country Mastering the motor technology is equivalent to ensuring the normal operation of the heart of the product. The company also has a mold shop, an injection workshop (more than 30 sets of injection molding machine processing equipment), a finished assembly line, and an annual production capacity of 3 million food processing machines. scale. In the past few years, the company has been working hard to create a small home appliance with world-class quality with a rigorous and prudent product production process. At the same time, inputting the concept of “healing” health culture to consumers and maximizing people's quality of life is a major feature of “Dole” selling in the market.

       “Duole” brand products have obtained many national patents, passed GS/CE, EMC, CB, CCC certification, and passed European ROHS environmental protection test. According to the ISO9001:2008 quality management system, we will use the scientific management, standardized brand operation, and strong corporate philosophy to strengthen our corporate culture, enhance our overall competitiveness, and actively expand the broader market space and enhance brand awareness. . "Dole" series products not only occupy a high market share in the domestic market, but also are exported to Europe, America, the Middle East, Hong Kong and other countries and regions. With strong R&D advantages, we are constantly introducing high-quality new products, striving to create the core competitiveness of brands, products and services, creating more quality products and fulfilling the dream of exquisite life for thousands of families.