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Training about intellectual property

Training about intellectual property

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An enterprise wants to seek survival in the market development, must fully play the important role of intellectual property rights in the enterprise, not only should pay attention to prevent infringement of the intellectual property rights of others, more wants to form effective protection of intellectual property rights of the enterprise, can be in a dominant position in the intense market competition.
Recently, in view of the enterprise intellectual property protection, we specially invite senior lawyer in a law firm has carried on the intellectual property legal training for employees.
In the training, the lawyer for enterprise intellectual property into legal risk prevention, altogether consists of four parts: the types of intellectual property rights classification and counterpoising truly skills, intellectual property rights in the enterprise how to apply intellectual property protection and management, FMCG method and strategy, intellectual property rights in the enterprise the importance and necessity.
At the same time, the lawyer also communication with staff, timely answer to the question about in more detail and related Suggestions are given, make the staff to learn how to planning and management of intellectual property rights to the company, how to protect our intellectual property rights and risk prevention, harvest quite abundant.